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Number 3                February  2012

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Viking Association

Mission Statement:

To create, promote, and sustain a "Viking-connected" community of alumni and friends, this Association will foster a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship among alumni, friends, North Salem High School (NSHS), its students and staff, and the community to support the mission, goals, and traditions of NSHS. 

Viking Association

Board of Directors:


Homer Wood '59, President

Steve Chambers '62, VP

Larry Smith '54, Treasurer

David Rhoten, '52 Secretary

Herb Triplett '54, Asst. Treas.

Doug Bolton '58, Asst. Secr.

Dick Hornaday '52

Michael T. Smith (friend)

Ken Simila '58

Emery Billings '61



Feel free to contact the following:


Steve Chambers:

Michael T. Smith:

Homer Wood:







North News 

In this section, each month we will bring you news of what's happening currently at North High.


The facilities at North High have had a rough month.  In January, Salem got over 7 inches of rain in 3 days.  That, coupled with melting snows led to Mill Creek flooding in the cafeteria, some of the classrooms, and on the new turf football field and reconditioned track.  The City and District responded quickly and there was minimal damage.  On Feb. 15, we got news that the football field passed all health and safety tests and is in great shape.


In February, a fire of undetermined origin broke out in a storage closet in the new wing of the building between the orchestra and band rooms.  The sprinkler water damage war sustained only in the closet, with about $5000 in losses of equipment for the band color guard.  Workers quickly cleaned up smoke issues in the two music rooms, and there was no loss of music or instruments. 


The boys' basketball team repeated as Central Valley Conference champions this year.  They are currently ranked 12th in state.


The North High Jazz Band is presenting their 9th annual "Jazz At the Mill" dinner concert at Mission Mill on Saturday, March 10.  Doors open at 6pm, with music starting at 6:30, and dinner at 7.  This event has receive rave reviews in the past.  Cost is $25.  For information and reservations call 971-599-9182 or e-mail .

 Alumni News

The Viking Association is moving ahead on the three projects we have on the plate.  Committees are meeting for the two scholarships we will be giving, as well as the Hall of Fame and the 75th anniversary celebration of the North High building.  You can access a nomination form for the Hall of Fame on the North High website (see the link in the upper left of this newsletter).  We need your nominations and all nominations remain in the pool of eligible candidates.  If you make a nomination, please try to make a persuasive case for the candidate, as there are many truly worthy Vikings who deserve to be in the Hall.


We are getting close to finishing our website, so stay tuned for that development.


If you have not already done so, please send to Steve Chambers your full contact information (name, maiden name where applicable, street address, phone number, and graduating class or if your are a friend) as this will help us keep in contact should your e-mail address change.


Please pass this newsletter to other Vikings so they can also stay in touch with the school.