Homer Wood (2015 Distinguished Lifetime Award)

Homer Wood, President of the NSHS class of 1959, has a biography littered with impressive accomplishments, from scaling Mount Rainer to his service as an Army Captain in the Vietnam war era. He has been recognized as Man of the Year by the Northwest Academy of Dental Sciences.

Closer to home though, are his tireless efforts on behalf of his alma mater. As an instrumental member of the group that brought to fruition the turfing of our athletic field, it was his vision that the organization of interested parties not disband after the completion of that project, but should become a permanent body to promote projects of benefit to the school, and to keep Vikings of every class and era connected. Thus was born his brainchild, the North Salem Viking Alumni and Friends Association, now in its fifth year of existence. The Founding Board of Directors elected him as its first President, and he still commutes monthly from Seattle to attend its meetings. The Viking Association annually gives two scholarships, and has adopted the Hall of Fame, in addition to funding a number of projects that benefit North Salem students academically.

Homer was nominated by his friend and classmate Dick Kyukendall.